Tuesday, October 11, 2011



What is cold powder ?
  • The cold powder is a kind of tiny round white object, easily dissolves when mixed with water.
  • Cold powder made of?
    • Cold powder made using natural ingredients such as rice or glutinous rice.
Production process?

  • To produce quality cold powder, quality rice or glutinous rice must be used. If rice is not good such as mold rice and infested the results will  less satisfactory.
  • Rice is to be used should be washed thoroughly and soaked in the container for several weeks to soften. (During this process the water should be changed to protect the  quality.)
  • After enough time the rice is washed up and machined to pieces and the aging process again to remove the dirty water.
  • Dried the water and then through the manufacturing process. I am still using hand-made to get the shape of tiny round.
What are the Benefit of cold powder???
  1. smooth skin.
  2. reduce the production of sebum or oil on the skin.
  3. removes dead skin cells.
  4. help to cool the skin. 
  5. cleanse and tighten facial skin 

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