Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where is your Skin Type?

We recommend that you identify your skin type as this may facilitate the treatment will be done correctly. Do not get mistaken for each skin type would require different treatment.

There is also the skin type that we often encounter are as follows:

1. Normal Skin Type
This skin type including the type of healthy skin because the oil is removed is not excessive sebaceous glands and spread evenly. The surface of the skin so soft, looks bright, fresh and not dull, almost no problem especially acne. Everyone is really crave this type of skin especially women, because skin type is easy to use cosmetics.

2. Oily Skin Types
Issued by the oil glands of skin type is very abundant. Large skin pores and visible. Many women who complain that they make up in their face quickly faded. The men were equal, this skin type is very easy to breakouts and sometimes dandruff on the hair. Other characteristics are very prominent facial skin looks shiny and wet, especially on the face such as cheeks, chin and nose.

3. Dry Skin Type
If this type of skin looks dry because the oil glands that produce very little, even less at all. Look dull, scaly and discolored, over time there will be wrinkles that arise in the face. Usually owned by people who lack nutrition, or even people who have skin allergic disease. Dry facial skin can also be caused by the use of anti-septic soap excessive on the face.

4. Skin Type Mixed
On the face you will see 2 types of skin, ie normal skin and oily skin, this is because the oil glands that produce uneven. In certain parts such as nose or forehead looks oily and acne but other parts like the cheeks will look dry and soft.

Once you know the skin type of each, try to understand the character or characteristics of your skin, in order to provide maximum care.
Or between you are having a different skin types other than the four skin types I've mentioned?

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